Out Of My Comfort Zone

At 3am God was moving in my life in a way that He had never moved before.  I cried, I prayed, and I praised!!!  When you pray and ask God for something, you better be prepared for God to show up and show out. I asked God at the beginning of the year to reveal my purpose, and He did. I’ve been working hard on getting it RIGHT. Actually, the feeling is more like SCARED, because it's been right for months. I was worried about the wrong things: what people would say or think. And, that's why I haven't shared it much. God said, "You can't put if off anymore", yes, at 3am.

I’m a private person, I love that the people who know me are the people who truly love me. I’ve never cared about people knowing my accomplishments or what I do for a living.  The only people I care to know these things are Kendrell and Terrell, my sons.  I love being a living example for them, showing you can do whatever you want to do. There is nothing too broken that my God can't fix.  My life is a Testimony!! I've found my purpose: to share my teenage pregnancy success story, to show others how to S.H.I.N.E (Stuff Happens It's Not The End).  Living and sharing my purpose requires me to be transparent and accessible, truly taking me out of my “Comfort Zone”.

My praise song at 6am was Marvin Sapp – Comfort Zone:

So I am coming out of my comfort zone

Though it may cost me some friends, I'll walk alone

God is challenging me, to trust and believe

For to go where I've not gone, I must do what I've not done, oh

(God is calling me)

 To walk into my destiny

 (God is challenging me)

 To go where I've not been

 (God is proving me)

I’m hoping you will come out of your Comfort Zone.


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