Finally Feeling Like Myself

As February ended, for the first time in 2015 I’m starting to feel like myself again. Energetic and excited about the next chapter and most importantly loving myself like NEVER EVER before. February is always an exciting time of the year for me, because it’s my birthday month. My birthday is a time for me to reflect on my life. Focus on what’s important to me, like family and TRUE FRIENDSHIPS (those are the only one’s I’m interested in these days). The tradition in my family is that we spend our actual birthday with our family.  I always spend the earlier part of the day pampering myself, but the evening is spent at with family.  Well this year no kids, no mommy, no grandma, no sister and no brother. To everyone’s defense my sisters were here two weeks earlier and I would see the rest of my family on Sat., 3 days after my birthday. My family was sure to have something planned for Saturday, but I was still worried about the actual day. 

To my surprise it was one of the best birthday’s ever. From the videos of my nieces singing happy birthday, to my friends and family trying to be the first person to say/sing Happy Birthday over the phone, the cake, flowers, cards, packages, and dinner with 2 of my favorite girls. The day could not have gone any better. Nothing like your grandmother calling you to say happy birthday and she’s a little upset because she wanted to be the first person to say happy birthday. When she called she said “I wanted to be first person to say happy birthday, but I have this new iPhone and I had to wait for someone to show me how to use it”. That made my day!!! I think I was not feeling like myself because I was worried that they would forget about me. They show me every day that they love me, what would make February 11th any different? When you’re shown love every day, don’t put so much weight on one day.

Don't forget to SHINE!!