Stuff Happens It’s Not the “End Of Story”

How do you know when it’s time to end a story? Some stories end on their own and others we have to decide to end. When people say “End Of Story” we think things are bad, but the truth is they are about to start another chapter.  In some cases a whole new story in a whole new book. When one story ends in my life I find myself wondering what’s next. What I’ve learned is when one story ends it’s just another chance for me to SHINE even more than before. Being a parent of adult children, I support them in everything they do. It’s most important that I support them when it’s the “End Of Story” in some area of their lives. While texting with one of my sons last week, he told me that his coworkers wanted to meet the woman who raised such an amazing young man. My response was “you owe me…how will you ever repay me?” His response was “You should be repaid every time you see me shining”. It was refreshing to hear that he understand that he is SHINING and will continue to SHINE in whatever he chooses to do. Currently, he is writing a chapter that will end on May 26th, but he will move on to the next story and SHINE once again. It may be the “End Of Story”, but there are still a lot of chapters and books to be written. Libraries house many stories so continue to write your book, by inserting new chapters as they reveal or unfold. “End Of Story” can feel like it’s the end of your life, but think of it as an opportunity to SHINE brighter than before. What is your next story??  Are you excited about the next chapter/story? Should you be ending one story and focusing on a new one?