It's Not How You Look, It's What You See

I was sitting at dinner in Wisconsin with my son having great conversation. Next to us were two Caucasian women enjoying their dinner and wine. We began to chat with them about the nearby lake, where we were from, and why we were in Wisconsin. Then comes the million dollar question! “SO YOUNG MAN CAN I ASK YOU A PERSONAL QUESTION?” You know where this is going. He says “yes”. She asks “How are you handling being a minority here?” He says “I go to Louisiana State University, the people here are actually much nicer”.  She began to tell us the reason she asked. She has two “dark-skin Haitian kids” and they deal with racism daily in Wisconsin. He began to tell her how much he love it there and has not experienced any racisim there all.

He tells her stories about he and his brothers first year at LSU, and how they experience racism on so many levels. He assures her that her kids will be just fine. She asked how he dealt with those things at school. Without flinching or thinking about it , he said “my brother and I don’t worry about it, because our mom has raised two CONFIDENT young men”.  When you know who you are, no one can make you feel any less. He truly SHINED in that moment. Too often people let others define who they are.  It's not HOW you look, it's WHAT you see. What do you see? How do you handle your character being challenged?