While driving home from work last Tuesday, I was thinking about the fact that the twins would be 21 in less than a month and I could not be happier! My heart was full. I was thankful! I began to think about our journey and the more I thought about it the fuller my heart became. Our story is one for the books...."BUT GOD". I moved to Texas when they were 3 to give them the opportunity to live past 21. In New Orleans, it’s no secret that young black males are killed every day. I wanted to give my boys a chance. So I was feeling proud, accomplished, and again thankful. 

Not so fast!!!! The next day I was reminded that being a black male ANY WHERE in America at ANY AGE is not safe. So much for not worrying anymore, so much for feeling this sense of accomplishment. Watching Alton Sterling being shot by police in the very city where they attend college was a reminder. It reminded me of the time my son was pushed, called a nigger and a fag by an off-duty officer in our suburban community. If only he made the wrong move she would have felt justified in taking his life when clearly she was wrong. It reminded me of a time when my sons had to defend themselves against a group of white boys that were harassing them out of jealousy and fear in their Engineering dorm at LSU. Putting them in that dorm was for peace of mind, we eventually had to get the campus police involved. As the week would unfold I was sent even further into a tailspin when Philando Castile fell victim to another police shooting in the presence of a four-year-old baby and Dallas police officers would be killed as well. 

As I texted, called, and face timed my sons last week I had to remind them and myself who's in control. Fear is not of God. So today, though still sorrowful about last week’s tragedies, we are choosing to still #SHINE. For God has a plan for each of us. Today we start the countdown, 21 days until my BLACK, INTELLIGENT sons whose LIVES MATTER will be 21! Look at GOD!!!