Sitting with my best friend in ATL on Saturday and she says, “let’s write down our goals for the year”. My response was, “I don’t feel like it, I don’t know what my goals for 2016 are”. Me, the goal setting queen, the person who will write it down on paper and keep it in my phone. I just didn’t feel like it. I started wondering if I had lost my drive. After really thinking about it, I realized it’s not that. I just feel like we are always hustling, trying to get on to the next thing and never really reflecting on all the good things that God has already given us. Don’t get it twisted! Goals for 2016 will be set, but I’m still excited about things that happened in 2015.  So for me I will take the first week of January and be grateful and enjoy my time with my son before he heads back to school. There are big things in the works, but for now this is a SHINE not GRIND zone. 

Have you taken time to be grateful for last year's blessings and accomplishments?

Have you set your goals for 2016?

Are you stressing about your 2016 goals?

What goals are you going to crush?