40 Things About Me


1.       I love to eat.

2.       I’m very shy.

3.       My favorite color is orange.

4.       I dance to relieve stress.

5.       Asia is my favorite place to visit.

6.       Favorite movies are Dirty Dancing, Brown Sugar, and Silence Of The Lamb.

7.       I’ve never seen the movie Love Jones.

8.       I don’t believe you have only one soulmate.

9.       Haggen Dazs over Blue Bell.

10.   I love to travel.

11.   If I won the lottery I would travel the world attending music festivals.

12.   I don’t forgive easily.  (working on it)

13.   I love hard.

14.   I’m from New Orleans.

15.   I live in the Dallas area.

16.   I have grown twin sons.

17.   I was considered a strict mom by others.

18.   I was a cheerleader in high school.

19.   I’m afraid of commitment.

20.   I’ve had 3 men ask me to marry them.

21.   I bought my first property at 27.

22.   I didn’t get a passport until I was 30.

23.   My first international trip was to Spain.

24.   I’m a tom boy who loves heels, sequin, and short dresses.

25.   I’m in the Information Technology industry.

26.   I created SHINE (Stuff Happens It’s Not The End) because of my lack of confidence in myself.

27.   I feel my best when I’m empowering and inspiring others.

28.   I’m a private person so sharing my life in my business is a daily struggle.

29.   I love popcorn.

30.   I only go to the movies for the popcorn.

31.   I make a new friend everywhere I go.

32.   I was in the United States Army.

33.   I’ve always wanted 4 sons.

34.   I’m not good at following up.

35.   My favorite restaurant is La Duni’s.

36.   I’m an introvert\extrovert.

37.   I dream of being half naked on a beach 1 week out of each month.

38.   I keep a picture of my dream home in my phone for motivation.

39.   I’ve never smoked weed.

40.   I enjoy bringing people together.